8 Modern Bathroom Upgrades To Elevate Your Space

Do you wish you had an aesthetic bathroom with a heavenly shower and a perfect tub? Are your options limited due to less space and fewer resources? What if there was a way you could remodel your bathroom into something functional yet minimalistic? All you need is a smart plan, vigorous research, and some expert consultation.

When revamping your bathroom, don’t forget to consider the outdoor area as well. Outdoor Direct offers a range of durable and stylish hardware options that can enhance both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor spaces. Whether you need sturdy door handles or weather-resistant fixtures, investing in quality outdoor hardware can elevate the look and durability of your outdoor living areas.

In a big city like Seattle, bathroom upgrades can amp up the value of your property. In addition, these upgrades help you declutter and turn a cramped bathroom into a space that is roomy yet functional.

A lot of thought goes into upgrading the bathroom in your Seattle home. The weather in Seattle is mostly humid, so a cramped space gets suffocating. Unfortunately, a typical home leaves just about  6% of the total space for the bathroom. Naturally, it can be a bit of a challenge to accommodate a shower, vanity, bathtub, and storage space in such limited space. You also want to keep your upgrades pocket-friendly.

Here is a list of 8 bathroom upgrades that can modernize your bathroom and save some space, keeping the area minimal and practical at the same time.

  1. A Shower Attached to a Tub

A bathtub provides comfort when you are feeling especially tired and low. On the contrary, a shower saves up on precious bathroom space that is already limited. During a bathroom upgrade, choosing one or the other can be a tough decision to make.

What if there was a way you could keep your tub and your shower? Bathroom remodelers like Luxury Bath of Seattle can expertly install a shower in your tub in record time. This contemporary bathroom upgrade is very popular in small bathroom spaces.

An arrangement like this allows you to have it all in the limited space that you have. You can hop in for a quick shower after your daily workout and spend some me-time in your tub in the afternoons. 

  1. Modern Hardware

Showerheads, faucets, cabinet handles, and pressure valves are some examples of bathroom hardware that are often overlooked until their lifetime is over. When you upgrade your bathroom, spend some budget on quality hardware that is durable yet stylish. Your new faucets and shower heads should be practical and should also keep up with the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.

  1. Transparent Glass Walls

The shower curtains are old-school and outdated. They also make a small bathroom seem smaller, making it cramped further. The addition of glass walls in your bathroom can solve these concerns. 

Glass walls create a barrier between the shower and the rest of the area. This barrier also gives an elegant and sophisticated look to the place. Upgrade your bathroom by installing frameless glass walls to create partitions in your bathroom while giving it a chic and luxurious look.

  1. Upgraded Vanity and Shelves

Ample storage is a bathroom necessity. After all, it keeps all the clutter stored away in drawers and cabinets. Adequate storage is too much to ask in a small bathroom, or is it?

Options for vanity and shelves in the bathroom have since increased. You can find the perfect blend of style and functionality when choosing a vanity for your bathroom.

Avoid placing things on the countertops, and invest in good quality shelves that decorate your bathroom wall and provide extra space for your bathroom essentials. This upgrade prevents unnecessary clutter on your countertops, making your bathroom appear clean and roomy.

  1. Modern Ventilation System

While upgrading your bathroom, do not forget to invest in a good ventilation system, especially when you are living in a humid city like Seattle. Spare some budget for exhaust fans to expel the humid air from inside the bathroom.

Add big, stylish windows to your bathroom while planning an upgrade. They elevate your bathroom space and keep the bathroom air fresh. In addition, mold and mildew cannot grow on the bathroom surfaces if they are kept dry, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness.

  1. Ambient Lighting Scheme

Upgrade your bathroom in a way that encourages natural light to illuminate the space during the day. One way to achieve this is to install windows according to your bathroom design. Seattle gets a lot of natural light during the day throughout the year. The smart approach is to harness this light by strategically placing and constructing windows. 

During the night, maintain ambient lighting in your bathroom with LED lights that are smartly spaced throughout your bathroom layout. Place the lights around the mirror above your vanity, on the ceilings, and across the walls. 

  1. Aesthetic Tiles on Floors and Walls

Tiles are waterproof marble and ceramic structures used to line walls, floors, and roofs. They do not absorb moisture, hence keeping the water damage to a minimum. These tiles should be paired with water-resistant adhesive to save the gaps and edges from unnecessary water damage. 

Tiles on the floors and walls of the bathroom are aesthetic yet practical. Choose tiles with a nice geometric design for a chic look. You can mix and match the tiles of different colors and designs or go for a monochrome approach. Make sure to choose neutral colors that complement the lighting and the design of your bathroom.

  1. Added Room For Comfort Objects

Comfort objects in a bathroom are more of an accessory. They are easily disregarded while bathroom remodeling or upgrading, owing to limited space. What if I tell you that you get to fit in your small potted plants and scented candles along with all your necessities? 

The key is to work smart. Do your research about contemporary bathroom designs and look for ideas that are best suited to your bathroom space and lifestyle. Choose designs that look stylish and leave enough free room after accommodating all the necessities.

Leave some margin for the accessories to cozy up your bathroom without cluttering it unnecessarily. 


Bathroom upgrades become necessary with time, especially in humid cities like Seattle. It is important to get rid of outdated hardware and embrace modernism in your lifestyle. This remodel also allows you to explore practical bathroom designs by getting in touch with your creative side. 

We have discussed some modern remodel upgrades that elevate your bathroom and are easy on your pocket as well. So, the next time you plan to renovate your bathroom, you know where to start. Good luck!