Best Lehenga Color Combinations for Bride


Lehengas are a gorgeous garment that Indian brides have worn for centuries on their wedding days. With so many options for colors, fabrics, embroidery styles and more, selecting the perfect lehenga can feel overwhelming for brides-to-be. When it comes to lehenga colors specifically, there are a few classic combinations that never fail to dazzle. Read on for the most stunning lehenga color options for brides.

Red and Gold

Red lehengas with gold embroidery or embellishments is the most traditional and popular color choice for Indian brides. Red symbolizes love, fertility and prosperity – all meaningful aspects of marriage. Coupled with shiny gold accents, a red lehenga makes for a luxe, regal bridal look. Brides can choose a bright lipstick red for high-energy weddings or go for a deeper burgundy red for a more sophisticated style.

Pink and Green

Pink Lehengas with Green Accents

Pink lehengas with green accents are having a major moment right now. This color combo pairs soft femininity with natural vibrance for a playful bridal look. Blush pink lehengas work nicely for day weddings, while fuchsia pink makes more of a statement for night celebrations. Emerald greens and minty sea foam greens both pop beautifully against pink lehengas. Brides can even wear green jewelry like bangles, maang tikkas or cuffs to tie the whole look together.

Purple and Silver

Purple Lehengas with Shiny Silver Embroidery

Royal purple lehengas decorated with shiny silver embroidery or sequins will make any bride feel like royalty on her wedding day. Purple symbolizes luxury, creativity and magic – fitting aspects for a bride to embody! Deep purple or lilac lehengas look dreamy under strings of outdoor lights at nighttime weddings. Silver jewelry and accessories add lots of flair and just enough sparkle to balance out the rich purple hue.

Blue and Gold

Blue Lehenga with Gold Embroidery

Blue is a surprisingly chic color choice for modern Indian brides seeking to shake things up. Royal blue and cobalt blue especially evoke vibes of timeless elegance. Metallic gold threadwork and beadwork makes blue lehengas feel even more lavish. The blue and gold pairing works well for grand palace weddings and also for brides who want to honor their cultural roots while putting a modern twist on their bridal wear.

Yellow and White

yellow and white lehenga combination

Nothing feels more cheerful and bright than a yellow and white lehenga combination! Sunny yellow is associated with joy, warmth and optimism – wonderful sentiments for a bride to carry with her. Pairing yellow with crisp white embroidery and accents helps balance out the bold color. Yellow and white lehengas are perfect for daytime spring and summer weddings. Brides can finish off their look with a matching white and yellow floral dupatta.

Peach and Blush

peachy pink lehengas with blush pink embroidery

For brides craving a super feminine bridal style, nothing compares to pairing peachy pink lehengas with blush pink embroidery and accents. The double dose of pink makes for an undeniably girly and sweet bridal look. Blush pink roses, sequins and beads layered on top of a peach lehenga feels both playful and elegant. Peach and blush pairings work especially well for garden weddings and outdoor cocktail celebrations.

Teal and Gold

teal lehengas with golden accents

For brides drawn to colors outside the box, teal lehengas with golden accents are an unexpected yet delightful combo. Vibrant teal makes a bold color statement that is still perfectly bridal. Metallic gold embroidery, beading and belt details elevate the look to new glamorous heights. Teal and gold pairings are ideal for brides who want a colorful, creative twist on their wedding wear that still ties back to tradition through metallic accents.

No matter which gorgeous color combination speaks to you, the most important thing is that your lehenga makes you look and feel confident, beautiful and bridal on your special day. Trust your instincts and choose the lehenga colors that authentically reflect your personal style as a bride. Your inner radiance will shine through as you get ready to marry the love of your life!