Who Is Davi Lucca Da Silva Santos’s Mother? The Son Of Neymar Jr. And His Inspiring Journey

Who Is Davi Lucca


In the realm of football, the name Neymar Jr. resonates as one of the most noticeable and skilled players of his generation. Past the stadiums, Neymar Jr’s. personal life also garners significant attention, particularly his relationship with his son, Davi Lucca da Silva Santos. Born on August 24, 2011, Davi Lucca has already turned into a notable figure because of his father’s fame. This blog will dig into the life of Davi Lucca, shed light on his mother, and investigate his potential path in football.

Davi Lucca’s Early Life and Parentage

Davi Lucca da Silva Santos entered the world when Neymar Jr. was just 19 years old and playing for Santos FC in Brazil. The introduction of his son was a defining moment in Neymar Jr’s. life, leading him on an excursion of fatherhood alongside his footballing achievements. Davi Lucca’s mother is Carolina Dantas, Neymar Jr’s. previous girlfriend. Despite their separation shortly before Davi Lucca’s introduction to the world, Neymar Jr. has demonstrated a promise to being a dedicated and caring father to his young son.

Carolina Dantas: A Harmonious Relationship

Carolina Dantas, born on October 21, 1993, in São Paulo, Brazil, is a digital creator with a substantial following on social media platforms. She and Neymar Jr. apparently separated just before Davi Lucca’s introduction to the world in 2011. Despite their parting, they have managed to maintain a cordial relationship with their son. In the summer of 2021, they were seen embracing on a boat in Ibiza during a holiday with friends and family, showing their harmonious co-parenting efforts.

Davi Lucca’s Pursuit of Football

With a legendary footballer like his father, it is just normal that Davi Lucca has shown an interest in the sport. Much of the time seen rehearsing with Neymar Jr. at PSG’s preparation ground, the young not set in stone to emulate his father’s example. While it is too soon to decide the degree of his footballing potential, his experience with his father has without a doubt powered his passion for the game.

Living With Both Parents

Following the split of his parents, Davi Lucca lives essentially with his mom, Carolina Dantas, in Brazil. Notwithstanding, he also spends significant time with his father, Neymar Jr., establishing a reasonable and supporting climate for the young kid. Neymar Jr. maintains contact with Davi Lucca through standard telephone conversations, connecting the distance between Paris and Brazil.


Davi Lucca da Silva Santos, the son of the footballing sensation Neymar Jr., has proactively turned into an unmistakable figure because of his father’s fame. Brought into the world by Neymar Jr. what’s more, Carolina Dantas, he enjoys a special existence with both parents effectively associated with his childhood. Early in life, Davi Lucca’s passion for football is clear as he practices with his father at PSG’s preparation ground. The world enthusiastically watches as this young prodigy, with the direction and support of his father, sets out on his own excursion to cut a name for himself in the realm of football.

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