Tips for Connecting with Your CycleBar Riders

CycleBar is all about the connection and creation of relationships while working hard on getting through those calories. If you’re just starting this kind of business, it can be difficult to figure out the perfect balance of motivation and connection.

A lot of creating connections with people requires that you understand psychology and what kinds of motivation are going to work for what people.  Here, we’re going to cover the top nine tips that help you connect with your CycleBar riders.

Don’t Drown Them in Motivation

You’re going to want to motivate the people around you and that is 100% okay!  In fact, that’s kind of your job.  Without you, there are several people who might have not made it through the last few minutes or through a few exercises.

On the other hand, too much motivational speaking and you’ve lost half of the room.  They are already working hard so why do they need to be reminded of that effort?  Not everyone has this opinion but it is wise to keep the idea in mind.

Understand the Goals of the Room

When working with people, there are going to be different goals.  While many of them are going to revolve around fitness, you may have a class of people who are more focused on weight loss.

When that is the case, the motivation and connection you’d have with someone whose goal is fitness will be different. 

Move With Them

Yes, it is completely valid to take breaks when and where you need them.  Just because you’re the instructor doesn’t mean you don’t need breaks!

At the same time, you don’t want to be sitting on your blessed assets while your class is working hard to meet the goals of the course.  One of the draws of this kind of class is that you are working with class attendees to reach the goals that they have.

Put In the Work

SOmething that you have to do alongside the people that you are working with is show that you are putting in the work as well.  This means talking with your class, staying before and after, and working on your relationships.

Demonstrate and Talk

Something that can really help your class connect is making sure that you are talking through your demonstrations.  If there’s a new move that you are teaching, don’t just describe what you are doing.  Make every movement exaggerated at first and then show them how to do the movement properly.

This is going to help people connect with your teaching style and help them learn the moves more effectively. 

Arrive Early and Stay Late

Connecting with your CycleBar riders is more than something that is done on the bike in the middle of a heavy sweat session. Try staying late between classes or arriving earlier than normal.  Start talking to the people that you see regularly and give them some encouragement.

When you start to notice people, that is going to draw them in and create a community.

Talk With Them

This pairs well with staying late and arrive early because you need to do that in order to be friendly and talk with your class.  Someone who arrives early and stays late has more opportunities for relationship building than someone who just sits there for the class period.

Be prepared though because talking with your class means that there is a willingness to share some personal information just as they are willing to share information with you.

Connect Personally

Notice the hard working mom, mention the construction worker who is putting in the extra hours and take time to talk with the person who is looking to lose weight.  Everyone deserves some sort of recognition for their efforts and you are the person to give just that.

When you recognize people and begin sharing life with them, which is creating that personal connection, you are going to find that there is a great rapport between you and your students. 

Don’t Hesitate to Use Names

As a student in any sort of class, having your name used shows that the instructor is taking personal care and paying attention to who is in the class.  If you want to connect with the people in your class, get to know them and use their names when calling out encouragement.


One of the most important aspects of any course is to make sure that you are connecting with the people that are in your care for that period of time.  They’ve already chosen to be there which is half of the battle.  

The rest of the battle is up to you to help motivate them, demonstrate the skills needed to the best of your ability and to connect with them on a more personal level.  Remember to use names and create that personal connection to keep them coming back.