Central University of Odisha: Detailed & Comprehensive Guide

Central University of Odisha


Central University of Odisha: Undeniably, education plays a very important role in every individual’s life. Especially, if one’s schooling is completed and now going for higher studies. It is important that the individuals get admission in an institution which provides quality education and learning. Are you currently residing in the state of Odisha? Furthermore, are you looking for colleges and universities to apply for higher education? Also, are you interested in knowing more about the Central University of Odisha? If you are, then we have got you covered in this regard.

In this blog, we are going to discuss everything related to this University that you would need to know. Indeed, this is going to be a complete comprehensive guide in full detail on this university. We will try to be as elaborate as possible so that you get all the information. For the same reason, reading this till the end is a good idea for you. Surely, this will be worth your time.

Overview and details of Central University of Odisha

Name- Central University of Odisha

Motto- CUO for nation building

Type- Central/government

Established- 2009 (a total of 15 years ago)

Accreditation- NAAC

Academic affiliations- UGC and AIU

Chancellor- PV Krishna Bhatta

Vice Chancellor- Chakradhar Tripathi

Academic Staff- 86

Students- 762

Undergraduates- 71

Postgraduates- 647

Doctoral students- 44

Location- Koraput, Odisha, India

Campus- Rural campus spanning across 450 acres of land

All you need to know about Central University of Odisha

CUO or Central University of Odisha is a prominent pillar in education in India. It is a very prestigious university located in Odisha. Formerly, it used to be named as Central University of Orissa. Evidently, this University was established back in the year 2009. Also, it was established by the parliament under the Central Universities Act of 2009 by the Government of India. Specifically, this college is located in Sunabeda Town, Koraput District, Odisha, India. The territorial jurisdiction of this University spans across all of Odisha state. This college is accredited by NAAC. Moreover, it is affiliated with UGC and AIU. The chancellor of this university is PV Krishna Bhatta. Whereas, the Vice Chancellor of this university is Chakradhar Tripathi.

About the campus location of Central University of Odisha

The whole area of the university campus spans across villages named Chikapur and Chakarliput which come under the urban area named Sunabeda. Evidently, the whole area of university campus covers a total of 450 acres. The campus is located very close to the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). Furthermore, the Dumuriput Railway Station is just 5 km away from Sunabeda 1 Junction. Whereas, the Damanjodi Railway station is located 15 km away. Meanwhile, the Koraput railway station is 25 km away. Hence, the campus is considerably accessible for its students.

Infrastructure of Central University of Odisha

Indeed, as we discussed below it is located in a considerably efficient location with railway connectivity. Furthermore, the campus infrastructure holds a lot of significance for the students. The reason behind this being that they are going to spend years of their life within this campus. For the same reason, the campus needs to be well fascinated as well as appealing. In this University, you will find that the classrooms are very well equipped and advanced. This leads to a better quality of education being provided at the institution. Their classrooms are quite modern and provide a comfortable sitting structure for the students.

Moreover, there are many laboratories situated around the campus to serve different courses. This helps boost the idea of practical learning. Along with laboratories there is also a Central Library. We will talk about the library in detail ahead. Moreover, there are many recreational spaces provided for the students. This helps them keep their spirits high. Lastly, they are known to provide functionality with efficiency through their infrastructure which helps the students to prosper academically.

School and Departments of Central University of Odisha

School of Languages:

  • Department of Odia Language & Literature (DOLL)
  • Department of English Language & Literature (DELL)
  • Department of Hindi (DH)
  • Department of Sanskrit (DSkt)

School of Social Sciences:

  • Department of Anthropology (DA)
  • Department of Economics (DE)
  • Department of Sociology (DS)

School of Education & Education Technology:

  • Department of Journalism & Mass Communication (DJMC)
  • Department of Teacher Education (DTE)

School of Basic Sciences & Information Sciences:

  • Department of Computer Science (DCS)
  • Department of Mathematics (DM)

School of Commerce and Management: Department of Business Management (DBM)

School of Biodiversity & Conservation of Natural Resources: Department of Biodiversity & Conservation of Natural Resources (DBCNR)

School of Applied Science: Department of Statistics (DSTAT)

Central Library of Central University of Odisha

The Central Library was opened along with the whole University’s establishment in 2009. They immediately thought of emphasizing on developing a good collection of books. They wanted to collect text books as well as reference books. Currently, they include a commendable collection of more than 38000 books. Aside from that there are also popular magazines, selected journals, theses, reports, e-books, e-journals and online databases. Their collections span over various subjects like sciences, humanities and social sciences.

Central University of Odisha
Central University of Odisha

Computer Centre of Central University of Odisha

Evidently, the Central University of Odisha has made solid arrangements with BSNL broad band services in order to have good net connectivity. Additionally, according to our sources more than 30 terminals and portals are already in service of the teachers as well as residents. This initiative was taken by them to adapt digitalization in a better way. With the global advancement in technology, it is not efficient for educational institutions to stay behind. Furthermore, this service was opted for building an enhanced interactive and communicative system.


Indeed, if you are looking to get admission in a college for higher studies you can surely consider Central University of Odisha. It is a government University that priorities quality education and overall experience. We tried to be as informative and elaborate so that you do not happen to miss out on any piece of information. We hope that you manage to earn some knowledge by learning new things. This is the end of this blog. In conclusion, we hope that reading this blog will help you make a better decision for your Future. Lastly, consider reading our other blogs as well if you found this helpful.

AUTHOR- Piyush Chauhan