Ekster Wallet – Is it Worth the Hype or Not?

Ekster Wallet

I’m always on the lookout for a wallet everywhere. Whether for personal use or to give them away to friends as gifts. We have tried multiple types of wallets over the years.  And always wanted to try something new. Here, we have a new product ready for you – Ekster Wallet.  It’s a newer name in the world of wallets recently. And also, offers a minimalist version for users. Especially, want to keep their cards and cash cozy on the go. Moreover, the brand offers models in a classic billfold design. Along with, less obtrusive cardholders in both aluminum and carbon fiber. In this article, we’ll learn about this wallet in detail.  

Ekster Wallet – Introduction

Ekster is a brand specializing in wallets, bags, and accessories reportedly. Moreover, they are stylish as they are accessible. Founded in his own words, “just two 22-year-old Dutch guys with an idea”. You can find compact key holders to specious duffle bags with minimalist designs. Further, it’s inspired by carbon fiber card holders. Because they are lightweight and durable. Also, slim for those who prefer tapping credit cards for payments. Instead of fiddling with dollar bills. 

Ekster’s calling card is a sense of style. Moreover, combining the push button cardholder base. Along with the leather flip-open front to touch. This adds a class to the modern drug look of most wallets. Apple fans will also appreciate select designs with holders of an AirTag tracker. So, it’s easy to find a lost wallet. 

Ekster Wallet – Modular Bifold vs Parliament Wallets

Having never used a card holder-style wallet before. Then it was nice to have two different Ekster models to compare. You can fill both of the wallets with the necessary cards and dollars. Then, see how they felt in the pocket while out and about. If you needed to exchange some green or swipe at a kiosk. You can observe how easy it is to take out of your pocket. Along with, access and reorganization at the movement’s notice. 

The Modular bifold has the look of a classic wallet. Along with an open back pocket of dollar bills. Because it folds up when you flip it closed. It also has a right front section with two slots of cards. Also, a left front section that’s actually a detachable card holder. If you don’t need any cash on a night out. It’s the most basic model of a wallet you can find. Along with a detachable section tending to fans of minimal pocket cargo. 

As for the Parliament, it’s a whole new ballgame. It’s slightly less wide and noticeably smaller than the typical bifold wallet. Along with two inner card slots behind its front flap cover. And also, one on the back. The focus is the inner card holder with a strap. As it is for folded bills. The holder itself was able to hold five cards comfortably that popped up. Whenever you trigger a button within the wallet. 

Moreover, the Modular Bifold had the feeling and accessibility of a standard wallet. However, the Parliament took some getting used to with its minimal cash. Along with its slimmer body. 

Ekster Wallet – Premium Materials

This Ekster Parliament wallet is here and crafted from premium top-grain leather. Also, tanned under gold-rated LWG-certified protocols. Then, it has a 6063 T5 aluminum card holder spot. 

The majority of Ekster’s wallets are composed mainly of sustainable leather. Also, incorporate the material in the strap. Other options include space-grade aluminum. And a super strong, super lightweight 3K Carbon fiber. Along with their latest offering and 18-carat gold wallet. Ekster is also dedicated to becoming 100% carbon neutral. Employees use environmentally friendly materials and business practices to help achieve that goal. 

Ekster Wallet – Card Capacity

With varying degrees of nuance, all wallets carry between 1 to 15 cards. All of the wallet’s cardholders can hold a maximum of 6 non-embossed cards. Also, up to 5 embossed cards depending on their thickness. The remaining 12 to 15 cards can be held by outer nylon straps. Or throughout various compartments

Ekster Wallet – Design

If you’re the type to save every receipt and expired credit card. Then, unfortunately, this isn’t going to be the wallet for you. You’re working with a thin minimalist design to carry the essentials only.  Ekster’s flagship wallets have a stark yet inviting presence. However, if you’re more of a traditional, several leather options feature. Also, with a more classic look. Then, Modular Bifold is a perfect choice for you. So, you can carry more but still have corporate smart features. Such as the ability to add a tracker.  

Ekster Wallet – Durability

The Parliament wallet, Senate cardholder, and AirTag are all constructed for sustainable leather. As with any product that incorporates premium materials reportedly. You will also find these wallets to be durable and long-lasting. 

Some of Ekster’s leather products also incorporate parts like nylon straps. And also, plastic components that are prone to deterioration at a faster rate. Ekster’s most durable products that are likely to stand the test of time. They are the space-grade aluminum cardholder and AirTag cardholder. Along with the carbon fiber card holder and the 18-karat gold card holder. 

Ekster Wallet – Easy of Use

A major reason for choosing minimalist wallets like Ekster is their versatility. If you’re looking for a wallet you can carry it without feeling it. Then, Ekster Wallet is a solid choice. 

Another feature that helps it to stand out is its integrated button. It helps it in terms of ease of use. Once clicked, it pops up to six cards out of the wallet. And also, fans them out for easy access. 

Each wallet is compatible with a tracker card (sold separately). With the pairs of Ekster apps to help you track it if lost. 

Ekster Wallet
Ekster Wallet


From price to durability to features, Ekster Wallet aced all the bases. The brand’s products are a strong choice reportedly. If you’re looking for moderately priced front-pocket wallets. 


Here, we hope that all the information may satisfy your curiosity. However, we can guarantee that all the information is 100% accurate.