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Hims Review


Hims Review: Without a doubt, the personality of an individual matters a lot in many aspects. Furthermore, the personality of an individual is made up of various factors. Undeniably, hair is a major part of one’s overall persona. Styling their hair is one of the most important things that every human does. Many people spend a lot of time and effort in styling their hair. Whereas, a lot of people also spend big amounts of money on different hair treatments. However, a big issue has been present in the world which is hair loss, especially in men. Men’s hair fall and pattern baldness have become very common. For the same reason, there are many brands out there in the world that focus on providing treatment for the same. Our topic of discussion today revolves around one such brand.

Are you a male individual who is suffering from a hair loss problem? Furthermore, are you willing to use some treatments that are available out there? And, are you interested in knowing about His reviews, products, and what they have got to offer? If you are curious, then this blog is perfect for you. In this blog, we intend to tell you everything about this brand in full detail including the reviews. And, you will find this blog to be very elaborate and concise. Hence, it is going to be packed with relevant and beneficial information. So, considering reading this till the end might be a good idea.

Hims Review: Overview and details of the brand/company

  • Name- Hims & Hers Health Inc
  • Type of Company- Public
  • Industry- Online pharmacy and telehealth
  • Founded- 2017
  • Founders- Andrew Dudum, Hilary Coles, Jack Abraham and Joe Spector
  • Headquarters- San Francisco, California, United States of America
  • Areas served- United States of America and United Kingdom
  • Key people- Andrew Dudum (CEO), Yemi Okupe (CFO), Mike Chi (CGO) and Melissa Baird (COO)
  • Products- Personal Care and Mental health services

What is Him? (Hims Review)

Hims is the name of a very well-established brand in the health and pharmacy. This brand is known to provide many products that specialize in preventing as well as treatment of hair loss. Some of their products are available to buy over the counter by just demand. In contrast, some specific products of theirs are only available if the individual has a valid prescription. Initially, this brand started with only catering to a male audience. Thereafter, they established “hers” which included a product line especially for the ladies. And, after this initiative, the company got renamed Hims and Hers Health Inc.

This brand was founded 7 years ago back in 2017. And, the founders are Andrew Dudum, Hilary Coles, Jack Abraham, and Joe Spector. Currently, the headquarters of this brand are in San Francisco, California, United States of America. Moreover, this brand is known to specifically cater to audiences from the United States of America and the United Kingdom. The key people in this company include Andrew Dudum as the CEO, Yemi Okupe as CFO, Mike Chi as CGO, and Melissa Baird as COO. All the products sold by this company can be specified as Personal Care. However, just recently this brand has also started delving into mental health services.

History of the brand “Hims” (Hims Review)

As has been noted, this brand was established back in 2017. Further, Andrew Dudum founded Hims Inc. back then with Jack Abraham and Hilary Coles. Initially, through this brand Andrew used to sell Sildenafil which is a treatment for erectile dysfunction. Alongside this, he also started selling hair loss treatment products. This includes Minoxidil, biotin vitamins, and DHT Blocking shampoo. Thereafter, in 2018 this brand itself launched Hers which is a brand that would target women. However, do not make the mistake of considering this a separate entity because that is not the case. Hers is part of the original brand. And, after Hers got introduced even the company name changed to Hims & Hers Health Incorporated. The brand segment “Hers” sells birth control pills and Flibanserin. Lastly, in April of 2020, this brand launched its mental health services which include things like anonymous group therapy and more.

Hims Review
Hims Review

Hims Review: What are the pros of using products of Hims?

A major advantage of using the services of this brand is that online consultation is provided in a very fast and convenient way. The consultants are all licensed medical professionals.

This brand even offers you the choice to opt for their subscription services. Using their subscription model all the products will be timely delivered to you on a specific date. Hence, because of this, no one would have to worry about their supplies running out.

Lastly, free shipping and delivery are provided by this brand on all orders.

Hims Review: What are the cons of buying products from Hims?

There is no option for a face-to-face appointment and interaction with the consultants. For the same reason, the healthcare professional wouldn’t be able to do any kind of physical examination or observation.

Certainly, only a few kinds and varieties of products are available to buy.

Users have to wait for very long periods for a response regarding products or subscriptions.


Indeed, if you are suffering from hair loss problems, then this brand and its products would be perfect for you. However, it would be better if you first booked an appointment for a consultation. This is the end of this blog. In conclusion, it is expected that enough information was provided. Lastly, please consider checking more of our blogs out.

AUTHOR- Piyush Chauhan