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Jinx Arcane


Jinx Arcane: Are you a gamer? Furthermore, do you also watch web series/shows and movies? Have you ever played this game named League of Legends? Moreover, have you watched this Netflix animated series titled Arcane that is based in the universe of the game? Lastly, are you interested in knowing more about this specific character very essential to the narrative of both named Jinx? If you are, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we are going to discuss and tell you everything related to this character. We will also be discussing League of Legends and Arcane. While doing so we will try our best to be elaborate and easy to understand. Indeed, this is going to be an entertaining and informative blog for you. For the same reason, please consider reading this completely.

A famous dialogue by Jinx Arcane Anime Character

In Episode 6 of season 1 of Arcane (Animated TV series), Jinx says the following to:

“It’s Jinx now. Powder fell down a well.”

Overview and details of Jinx Arcane Anime Character


ALIAS NAME- Jinx, The Loose Cannon and Pow Pow


GAME- League of legends


AGE- 11 years old in Act-1 and 18 years old in Act-2 and 3


  • Pow-Pow
  • Fishbones
  • Gun
  • Chompers
  • Super Mega Death Rocket
  • Shimmer






GENDER- Female

EYE COLOUR- Formerly used to be blue, now pink



FIRST APPEARANCE- In 2013 update of League of Legends


  • Unnamed Parents
  • Vi (Sister)
  • Vander (Adoptive Father)
  • Silco (Adoptive Father)
  • Mylo (Adoptive Brother)
  • Claggor (Adoptive Brother)


  • Katie De Sousa created the concept.
  • Whereas, Graham McNeill created the character.

DESIGNED BY- Katie De Sousa and August Browning


  • Sarah Anne Williams
  • Mia Sinclair Jenness
  • Ella Purnell

All you need to know about this anime character: Jinx Arcane

Jinx is a very popular character from the world of animation. This character’s real name is Powder. It made its first appearance in the media franchise by League of Legends of Riot Games. Initially, this character was introduced as one of the playable champions in game’s October 2013 update. This character was also given its own music video titled “Get Jinxed”. This was done with the purpose of celebrating her official debut. Furthermore, the character of Jinx can be described as a maniac and impulsive criminal. Moreover, the animated TV series by Netflix titled “Arcane” explores the origin story of this character. In the narrative, this character is shown to be Vi’s younger sister. Due to a series of family tragedies, she gets adopted and raised by a crime lord named Vander. Lastly, this character gets voiced by Ella Purnell in Arcane.

About League of Legends (Jinx Arcane)

League of Legends is a popular video game. Moreover, it also gets referred to as League. Evidently, it is a multiplayer online battle arena video game that was released in 2009. Additionally, league of legends has been developed as well as published by Riot Games. The whole narrative and idea of this game has been inspired by “Defence of the Ancients” which is a custom map for Warcraft III. The founders of Riot wanted to develop a game that falls in the same genre. Specifically, it was released in October of 2009. This whole game is available for free to play. However, they do make some money off of purchasable character customizations. Lastly, this game is available for both Microsoft Windows and MacOS.

All you need to know about “Arcane” Netflix’s animated TV series (Jinx Arcane)

Arcane is a very popular animated TV series from Netflix of recent times. Furthermore, on screen the title of this Tv Series is shown as “Arcane: League of Legends”. Moreover, it can be described as an animated steampunk action-adventure TV series. This series has elements of various genres such as action, adventure, science fantasy, drama and steampunk. This has been created by Christian Linke and Alex Yee. This series has been produced by Fortiche, a French animation studio. Whereas, it has been done under the supervision of Riot Games. This is because the narrative of this series is set in Riot’s League of Legends universe. Additionally, it is distributed and broadcasted by Netflix. The whole narrative of this series revolved around Jinx Arcane character and her sister Vi. Lastly, it was first aired on 6th November 2021.

Jinx Arcane
Jinx Arcane

Appearance of Jinx Arcane anime character

The character of Jinx is portrayed to have a very small height. Hence, she appears to be small and tiny. Furthermore, she has very sharp facial features. Her skin is pale in appearance. Also, she has dark eyebags under her eyes. Moreover, she has a very slim and skinny body. She has blue eyes that are very narrowed and sharp. Her clothes consist of a leather crop top along with dark purple striped pants. The pants are torn from the bottom. Evidently, her eyes and eyebrows are very expressive. Lastly, she has a small nose along with dull narrow lips.

Personality and behaviour of Jinx Arcane anime character

Undeniably, this character of Jinx is portrayed to be a very unique individual in the narrative of Arcane animated tv series. Furthermore, she has a shy and sweet nature. However, she can also be considered to be clumsy. She is known to make mistakes often. Moreover, her character can be very creative and innovative. She used to make many inventions. Most of the time she made bombs that ended up not working. Also, she is a very skilled individual with firearms/guns. Lastly, in the narrative she is also shown to be loud and often seen tormenting others.


This is a very unique character and also has a very interesting past to itself. This character’s personality makes her stand out from other characters of the animated tv series Arcane. This is the end of this blog. In conclusion, we hope that we were successful at entertaining you through this information packed blog. Lastly, we have many other similar anime related blogs which you can check out if you are interested.

AUTHOR- Piyush Chauhan