Lucy and Yak – Is it Legit? A Review You Don’t Want to Miss

Lucy and Yak

Are you feeling a bit hesitant about purchasing clothes from Lucy and Yak? Well, let me help put your worries at ease. Is Lucy and Yak Legit? The short answer is yes, they are a legitimate company indeed. You received an order, returned everything, and got a refund. But would you shop here again? In this post, we will share the purchase and return experience.

Lucy and Yak – Introduction

If you are not familiar with this brand. Then, you’ll now start to notice their cult logo everywhere you go. They’re a UK clothing brand that started selling vintage clothing onDepop reportedly. After building a huge following, they realized vintage dungarees sold out really quickly. So, they decided to give it a go to some of their own. Fast forward, they’re one of the fastest-growing fashion brands in the UK. They have 8 figure-out early turnovers.

Lucy and Yak – Overview

They are a Unisex clothing shop that began in New Zealand in 2014. Their mission is to promote conscious consumerism. By providing stylish alternatives that are kind to the environment. Also, the people who make them.

Is Lucy and Yak Ethical?

Yes, they appeared to be ethical and sustainable. According to the sustainability page, they have the following certifications. Such as GOTS, GRS, and the Organic Content Standard (OCS). GOTS is also considered the leading global textile processing standard for Organic fibers. It requires social criteria and working conditions to be assessed. And also, verified in the supply chain of an independent third party. The OCS, on the other hand, is a global standard. It verifies organically grown raw materials used in products. With the OCS, consumers can trust the product as verified by a third party. Because they contain organic materials. Moreover, they are additionally members of Sedex, a third-party auditing company. It ensures fair working conditions and sustainable practice.

Where is Lucy and Yak based?

According to the privacy policy, they’re based in the United Kingdom. The business address is Valley Road Wombwell, South Yorkshire United Kingdom, S73 OBS. Additionally, they’ve UK Store locations in Brighton, Bristol, Norwich, Cambridge, Manchester, and Cardiff.

More shop details

● The website was then registered in May 2017.

● According to the privacy policy, their legal business name is Lucy & Yak Limited.

● They have a Re: Yak BuyBack program. It allows you to bring in any used item to their Store. And they’ll give you a voucher to apply to your next purchase.

● They offer NHS workers a 20% discount, and a student a 10% discount.

● They offer free shipping for over $80.

● They allow returns within 30 days of delivery.

● They offer plus sizes up to 4XL/ UK 32.

Design Enhancement

● Design a new collection based on current data and sales analysis.

● Therefore, it improves their offering and makes it more commercial.

● Assisted in factory meetings to introduce new product categories.

● Including expanding their jersey wear-off er.

● Supported the designer in reaching out to artists for collaboration. And also,

negotiate lower fees.

● Trend predictions to ensure new styles were relevant for the time of year.

● Overseas inspiration shopping trip in 2019. So, they can map out their upcoming

collection with fresh new ideas.

● Identified new best-seller opportunities.

● Completed online and in-person competitive shop reports.

● So, they can present back to the team. And constantly identify opportunities for


● A higher level of products and commercial appeals to the brand.

Empowering Marketing

● A deep dive into the customer profile. So, they can improve marketing messaging

across social media and email.

● Ongoing launch plan to streamline delivery and execute a well-organized marketing


● Helped improve the social media content. And engagement to build a community of

like-minded super fans.

● Assisted Lucy and Yak to feel more confident during meetings with brand


Streamlined Manufacturing

● Plan out how to keep bestsellers in stock. So, it can avoid long gaps of lost sales.

● Created Industries Standard Systems and processes. For the production to

learn smoothly.

● Improved supplier relationship with a well-organized critical path & launch plan.

Strategic Business Development

● Provided an outside commercial perspective during team meetings on design and


● Identify gaps within the business and implement a strong team structure.● So, Lucy and Yak knew what to hire, when, and why.

● Support throughout time being the face of the brand. As the brand grew


Lucy and Yak
Lucy and Yak

The Sustainability of Lucy and Yak

Lucy and Yak is a brand that values sustainability. And also, strives to make a positive impact on the environment. According to its environment, rating the brand is further classified as “great”. Because they use a high proportion of eco-friendly materials in their product. Including Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) cotton. By utilizing this eco-friendly material. Moreover, the brand is also able to limit the amount of chemical water. And also, wastewater used in its production process. Therefore, it reduces its environmental footprint. But also, promotes a healthy and more sustainable approach to fashion. Another aspect of its commitment to sustainability is its use of renewable energy. Therefore, it also reduces its carbon emissions and combats climate change. The environmentally conscious approach helps to minimize the brand’s overall climate impact. As a result, it makes it a more sustainable choice for consumers.

Labor Practices at Lucy and Yak

When it comes to labor practice they are further classified as “it’s a start”. While the brand does monitor health and safety issues of production suppliers. It also sources from countries with extreme risk of labor abuse. This indicates the improvement in ensuring ethical working conditions throughout the supply chain. However, they do take steps towards fair wages. While it does not specify the exact percentage. It ensures the payment of a living wage in its supply chain. This commitment to fair compensation is an important aspect of ethical fashion. And helps to support the well-being of workers in the industry indeed. Furthermore, they trace most of its supply chain. As a result, it enhances transparency and accountability. By knowing the origin of its product and material. The product can address any potential issue. And also, take steps toward improving its overall labor practice.


Lucy and Yak is a Unisex clothing shop. They began in New Zealand in 2014. Their mission is to promote conscious consumerism. By providing stylish alternatives that are kind to the environment. Also, the people who make them.


All the information provided above is for entertainment and awareness purposes. Moreover, we hope you learn everything about this clothing website. Further, we try to give you some genuine information about this clothing website. However, we can’t guarantee that all the information is 100% accurate.