The Ultimate Machine Washable Round Wool Rug Care and Maintenance Tips

The Ultimate Machine Washable Round Wool Rug Care and Maintenance Tips

The one question that almost every individual who is about to purchase a rug considers is, “How will I clean it?” Can you resonate with this situation? Then, picking a machine washable round rug is the finest idea for you. Consequently, you don’t have to stress about manually cleansing the rug every now and then. Apart from this, to maintain your rugs in the optimum condition and to add to their lifespan, you have to maintain them correctly. In this article, we will be sharing some commendable tips for the same. Read on! 

When caring for your rug, opting for gentle cleaning solutions, like those offered by Clean People, ensures longevity and maintains its quality. Harsh chemicals can compromise the rug’s integrity, weakening fibers and diminishing its ability to absorb spills and dust effectively. They have plenty of cleaning solutions for all your problems. 

Benefits of Machine Washable Rugs 

When you plan to purchase a round baby play mat, it is necessary to select the washable kind because it is kid and pet-friendly. Moreover, your life will become more convenient when you buy such rugs because they can accumulate ample dust and dirt. This does not mean that machine washable rugs are boring and pale-colored. You will find the most stunning designs in these as well. 

Some Practical Maintenance Advice for Your Machine Washable Round Rug

Now that you have comprehended the distinct benefits associated with utilising a machine washable rug, here are some suggestions that will help you with the care and upkeep: 

  1. Understand the Care Instructions Carefully 

To begin your rug cleaning journey, it is essential to understand the care instructions given in the product pamphlet clearly. Is your rug suitable for washing in hot or cold water? Can you use bleaches or detergents when washing them? Understanding all this will help you keep your rug in optimum condition. 

  1. Regular Vacuuming 

You cannot scrub your carpets on a frequent basis, particularly if they are heavy and hard to manage. Nevertheless, with routine vacuuming, you will be able to keep the dirt and dust away from the rug and ensure that it stays healthier. 

  1. Use a Rug Pad

A rug pad will prevent your machine washable round rug from slipping and also avoid friction between the rug and the floor. This way, your rug will look new for a more extended period because of the lesser chance of wear and tear. 

  1. Treat Stains Instantly

If there is a spill or stain of any kind on your rug, don’t wait for the time to wash it in the machine. Instead, use some quick techniques to remove the stain, at least superficially. This way, you won’t have to be harsh with the cleaning process. 

  1. Consistently Rotate the Rug

If you have a very large area rug, the chances are high that one part of the rug will experience more traffic than the other. That is why it is ideal to keep rotating the rug to ensure that all its length is used equally before you go ahead and wash it. 

  1. Consider the Size of the Rug

One thing you must never forget to consider when you have a machine washable round rug is what is the size of your rug. Usually, a specific capacity of the machine is required for washing a specific size of rug. If you want to know more about this calculation, you can contact the rug manufacturer. 

  1. Avoid High Sunlight for Drying

Even when your rug is damp, it is not a good idea to expose it to extreme sunlight to dry it. The harsh rays of the sun might cause the rug to lose its beautiful shine and the color may also fade away. 

  1. Don’t Use Harsh Detergents and Softeners 

Using harsh chemicals like fabric softeners may also affect your rug negatively. Such chemicals will not only make the fibers of the rug weaker but will also reduce its absorbency. And no one likes a rug that is not ready to absorb ample spillage and dust. 

  1. Hire Professional Rug Cleaners 

After you have tried all the possible methods to keep your machine washable round rug neat and well-maintained, suppose you fail. Then, you must consider hiring professionals who specialize in rug cleaning. These proficients are well-versed in the most tried-and-tested techniques of cleaning your rugs while keeping their attractiveness and color intact. 


That brings us to the end of this article about the best tips that will help you keep your machine washable rug, and round baby play mat safely. With the help of these 9 tips, your life as a rug owner will be hassle-free. And if you are not a rug owner yet, you can buy your first rug from Miss Amara. Our rugs are meant to last and produced keeping the highest quality and weaving standards in mind. So, when are you placing your order?