Top Cricket Betting Strategies That You Have Hardly Heard About

Betting on cricket may be incredibly entertaining. But it can also be quite profitable if done smartly. Of course, wins are never random, and special effort is required in order for you to make money out of the wagers placed. If that’s what you are aiming for, we are ready to help. We tested several cricket betting tactics and picked the ones that worked best. All of them take time and effort to master. But this is definitely worth an effort. 

What to Choose?

Your knowledge and experience in cricket betting don’t matter as you can pick a particular strategy and stick to its logic in order to ensure your consistent wins, be it:

  • Early wicket strategy;
  • IPL value strategy;
  • Bonus bagging approach.

Strong discipline and dedication will help you become a winner one day.

Early Wicket Strategy

T20 cricket is fast-paced, and avoiding losing early wickets is key to creating a large stockpile. This causes match odds to overreact if the first wicket is taken inside the first five overs. We can rapidly back the batting side to win at this moment, then pay out a few balls later when the odds have reduced again. This method is exclusively for the first team to bat and does not apply to the chasing innings. In ideal circumstances, we would go to for this. The platform offers plenty of cricket betting options and may be used for rapid transactions.

IPL Value Strategy, Pre-Match

This method involves leveraging your IPL expertise to seek value before the match. Don’t allow your emotions to push you to support your own team! We want to create a picture of a game without considering the odds. We will consider players as well as any injuries. We may also consider the weather to ensure that they can play the whole game.

Once we’ve determined who we believe will win, we can consider how close it will be. This will provide us with guidance for finding bargain odds from bookies. We may then review the data to determine if there are any developing patterns that we should be aware of.

Now we may visit our preferred bookmaker to check the current IPL odds. We may now uncover value in odds when we believe the side has a better probability of winning than the bookies predict. Over time, we may expect to see a benefit from this.

Bonus Bagging Approach

The phrase “bonus bagging” refers to claiming several new client free bet offers. In most situations, this results in an additional free wager worth 100% of our original deposit, giving us double the odds of winning. To be successful, we must make smart bets and keep in mind that free bets do not return the capital.

This method works effectively in conjunction with a value strategy. In addition to targeting free bets, we can look at other player IPL betting incentives to see if we can benefit from them as well. For example, in the case of betting on IPL with 1xbet, we will get a 2,500 initial bet and a 2,500 free bet thereafter. If we uncover any worth, we have two chances to make a profit on the game.

In-Play Strategy

In-play betting, often known as live betting, provides several betting alternatives. In T20 cricket, the odds may change with each delivery; wickets alter them the most, but even a dot ball can cause a shift in the odds. We have a few tactics that we prefer to apply for live betting on T20 cricket:

Key criteria we’re searching for:

  • A wicket in the first three overs, preferably, the first five overs at the most.
  • The first innings only.
  • Not Kohli going in to bat.

If we witness a wicket early in the match, we immediately support the batting side to win. Their odds will swiftly fall from here, and we will be able to leave profitably. The danger here is that another wicket is taken inside the next 2-3 balls, which will shift the odds against us.

We’re hoping to get in early and then get out swiftly after the market has calmed. This puts us at a modest risk as long as we keep to the approach. When you exit this deal, you have the option of cashing out for an equal return or leaving a higher sum on the team you predict to win.

Pick Your Best Strategy

If you are making your first steps with IPL betting, it is best to start with min wagers, test different tactics, and gradually increase the stakes.