Universities That Give Education to Future Billionaires

Universities That Give Education to Future Billionaires

Where should you study to become a millionaire or even a billionaire in the future with the highest degree of probability? Well, in this article, we will discuss some of the best universities to choose. As for the field of study, HNWIs naturally choose to learn how to invest money competently to get the most out of their capital and how to start and manage a profitable business. They study financial modeling, investment analysis, management strategies, and other areas of knowledge that will later lead them to success. If you want to manage your company and capital in the best way possible without a university education, the only way to do that is to find a competent advisor like those available on this site or other sources you trust and get at least a free session (which is available to all newcomers) to get professional advice. Millionaires without a proper education do exist!

Meanwhile, let’s return to the best higher education establishments.

How Important is Education?

There are billionaires without a diploma that the whole world knows, including Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Mark Zuckerberg, and Mayer Rothschild. They started their undertakings at a young age and put all their talent and entrepreneurial spirit into it to achieve tremendous success.

If you are sure that you can become one of them without any help (in the form of education or a competent consultant), simply go ahead! However, most people understand that a good education considerably increases their chances of success. It is not just about knowledge, innovative programs, and talented teachers that universities generously provide, but also about invaluable contacts that may be a key to the achievement of your financial goal. Networking is just as important in business as good knowledge of the subject matter! This is the reason why most wealthy people send their children to prestigious universities, and we will now look at the list of those whose alumni show the best results.

Harvard University

You will hardly find a person who has never heard of Harvard University, and this fame is well-deserved: the institution founded more than 4 centuries ago has its own investment bank that sponsors its advanced research. What is more, there are more than 70 Nobel Prize winners among the university’s lecturers, which is truly amazing!

Would you like to know the number of billionaires among Harvard University alumni? There are 50 of them, which is a great result considering that the total number of billionaires in the world is not that high. David Rockefeller and Michael Bloomberg, the persons you have surely heard of, are among them.

You also know Bill Gates who never graduated from Harvard University… and still was given the status of its alumnus in 2007 (his studies from 1973 to 1975 were taken into account).

University of Pennsylvania

Benjamin Franklin founded this institution back in 1740(!), making it the oldest educational establishment in the US. Its best areas include economy, medicine, and physics. It also has a very strong business school (Wharton School), and Warren Buffett is one of its successful graduates.

The University of Pennsylvania is rightly proud of its alumni with more than 25 of them earning billions (with many more millionaires), and no wonder many children of HNWIs study here. Donald Trump, the former US President, also studied here, as well as the world’s wealthiest person Elon Musk.

Stanford University

If you are looking for a university that offers truly innovative programs in the sphere of startup development and the latest technologies, you will hardly find a better place than Stanford. Here are some of its well-known alumni:

  • Peter Thiel (PayPal)
  • Lawrence Page (Google)
  • Steve Ballmer (Microsoft)

If you want to achieve the same success, Stanford is open to you along with its strong academic and research basis and promising students who may be your business partners in the future.

Yale University

What is Yale? First of all, it is a prestigious university, of course. Second, it is a place that maintains connections with many wealthy families, so you can meet really useful friends here. We all know two of its alumni, Bill Clinton and George Bush Jr., the former US Presidents. And if we look at the alumni who made a truly valuable contribution to world history and culture, these are Samuel Morse (single-wire telegraph and Morse code), William Taft (one more former US President), and Edward Norton (an American actor who starred in Fight Club).

University of London

If we look at the financial success of the university’s alumni, we will see that it occupies leading positions. Some names are:

  • Hank Greenberg (the founder of the AIG trade platform)
  • John Major (British Prime Minister)
  • Michael Green (British billionaire)
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • George Soros
  • Elton John

Sounds impressive? The University of London offers a lot of programs in the fields of engineering, medicine, natural and social sciences, and humanities. Take your chance to study with future stars!

Expensive Universities: The Top 5

Wealthy people often think that the tuition fee cannot be low if the institution provides a high-quality education, and we cannot but agree. Let’s take a brief look at the five most expensive educational establishments in the world:

  • The University of New York. You will have to pay USD 66,000 on an annual basis to study here.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Aka MIT is one of the world’s best and most expensive institutions where you will have to pay the tuition fee of USD 65.500 a year.
  • Columbia University. The cost of studies amounts to USD 66,000 per year. Keep in mind, though, that money will not help you if you have low SAT results: you will not be admitted.
  • Oxford University. The tuition fee at a highly-respected institution with a millennial history and traditions where most UK Prime Ministers studied reaches USD 60,000.
  • Harvey Mudd College. There’s no better institution if you wanna become a good specialist in an engineering field. The tuition fee is USD 70,000 a year.

It is never too late to become a wealthy person. You may have a dream to send your children to one of these institutions or become a successful business owner yourself. You can follow the above link to find a lot of practical information in the fields related to business and capital and talk to an expert free of charge to start realizing your dream.