Which is the Best Brand of Home Coolers in India?

Whenever someone wants to buy an air cooler, it is essential to analyze their needs and then find the best cooler company that offers innovative products to match the modern lifestyle. 

This definitely is a task if they are not aware of the considerations before making a purchase; thorough research and comparison are a must to make the best choice so that they enjoy the best cooling and experience during the harsh summer season. 

Today, we will discuss some of the top-selling models from various brands and compare the unique technology and functionality that make Symphony a reliable brand for consumers. 

So, let us begin by seeing how Symphony Coolers have transformed this industry with their unique positioning in every category.

Comparing the Best Brands of Home Cooler Models in India 

  1. Symphony Winter 80B Vs. Bajaj DMH80 Wave

When we consider buying a premium cooler, there are two bestselling models in the market which you can compare. One is Symphony Winter 80B (price: Rs.17,491), and the other is Bajaj DMH80 Wave (price: Rs.17590). 

Both these coolers have the same tank capacity of 80 litres and are priced around the same range. However, Symphony takes the lead with some unique features that elevate the user experience to the next level. Here are some of the salient features of the regular offering:

  • Winter 80B is the first air cooler with BLDC technology, which enables 60% less power consumption, helping users save a considerable amount on electricity bills.
  • When considering the design, Symphony has ditched the traditional knob design and has introduced a stylish touch screen panel. Eventually it is a blend of functionality and design.
  • Symphony has a sleep mode option, where you can set up an 8-hour timer that is best for nighttime use. The ultra-silent fan lets you sleep comfortably.
  1. Symphony HiFlo 40 Vs. Voltas Slimm 45

Symphony HiFlo 40 and Voltas Tower Air Cooler Slimm 45 are designed for medium rooms and have excellent cooling capacity with powerful fans. Hiflo 40 is priced at Rs. 7991, and Voltas Slimm 45 costs Rs. 9490, where indeed Symphony leads as it offers its buyer the best price. 

Both the coolers are portable and sleek which makes them an excellent choice for families that want stylish air coolers for their living space. Apart from pricing, Symphony also takes the lead by offering some additional features compared to Voltas Slimm 45:

  • Voltas Slimm 45 has a standard dust filter, while HiFlo 40 is equipped with modern air filtration technology called i-Pure. In this technology, air passes through multi-stage filtration, eliminating dust, allergens, and smell. This is an excellent technology for homes with small children and older people.
  • There is an incredible flow dispenser that ensures even cooling to every corner of the room with Symphony HiFlo 40. 
  1. Symphony Diet 3D 40i Vs. Havells Zurii 35

Air coolers for medium rooms are the most demanded product because people want efficient cooling, which makes Symphony Diet 3D 40i and Havells Zurii 35 an excellent option to beat the heat. 

These two models are similar in terms of air throw range and functions, but Symphony still wins the race with cutting-edge in several aspects, including price. 

  • Symphony is focused on rendering affordable air coolers with top-notch quality, which is why the Diet 3D 40i costs Rs. 11391, less than the Zurii 35, which costs Rs. 12632. 
  • The primary differentiator is power consumption, which for Symphony is 145 watts and Zurii 35 is 180 watts. Thus, Symphony consumes less energy, which is definitely a consideration for users who want to save on electricity bills.
  • The Symphony model’s tank capacity is 40 litres, while that of the Havells is 35 litres, which is essential for long-term usage. 
  1. Symphony Touch 55 Vs. Bajaj Glacier DC 55 DLX

As summer heat is aggravating every year, people are exploring desert coolers for high cooling and large tank capacities for the best experience. 

The two popular desert coolers with 55-litre tank capacity are Touch 55 from Symphony and Bajaj Glacier DC 55 DLX. Both the coolers are apt for medium rooms as they are equipped with high-power fans. 

Symphony, however, has made extra effort to innovate, and here are some aspects where it proves to be a better buy than its competitor:

  • Symphony Touch 55 model has a double blower, which means enhanced power and cooling combined with a power efficiency of 185 watts. Bajaj Glacier has a standard blower and consumes 190 watts.
  • This Symphony model has innovative CFD technology that ensures uniform cooling around the room.

Key Takeaways 

The various models that Symphony offers are equipped with the latest technology and attractively priced to make sure that the best cooling appliance reaches Indian consumers. 

The brand is dedicated to designing and innovating its products, which allows it to have a comprehensive portfolio of various models that cater to every segment and lifestyle. 

Therefore, as a buyer, if you explore the range of Symphony air coolers, you will be amazed to see some of the most stylish yet functional tower, desert, personal, and even industrial coolers. 

You name a category, and the brand has the best cooling solution for you right away. If you are planning to buy an air cooler this summer, you are going to love Symphony products for the value they add to your life. 

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